Retreat for women at the seaside
26.05. – 1.06.2019
Ljuta – Kotor – Montenegro

Dream combination – a vacation in a dreamlike atmosphere, in a beautiful stone villa, just next to the beach in a tranquil place called Ljuta in the heart of Bay of Kotor, 7 km away from Kotor and a six-day retreat specially created for women, enriched by the programs whose purpose is the healing, inspiring, connecting to our own energies and making space for new perspectives and possibilities in life. Has the moment come for you to treat yourself with a vacation like this; a vacation for both the body and the mind, which is much more than a regular summer holiday?

Aphrodite and other goddesses of love in many different traditions represent our female capacity for love, passion, enjoyment, bliss, ecstasy, creating and receiving the joys of life. When we get aware of this king of energy, when we embrace and release it, the feeling brings us the vibrant sense of vitality, the circulation of inspiration, sensuality, new self-confidence and an ease in our communication to men. Life, without this ecstatic quality, seems barren and devoid of meaning, even when we have success in many important areas.

Most women crave for a love relationship which is filled with intimacy and erotic sparkles. On the other side, there is a fear of giving in, usually due to the previous painful experience. Female sexuality has remained, due to the centuries of patriarchal domination, subdued, misunderstood and marginalized.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to, with a group support, safely explore the energies of the goddess of love, to heal the wounds from the past and make room for a happier, and more complete life. Through myths, conversations, couching, professional meditations, voice practices, energy practices and small rituals both in the morning and in the afternoon, we are going to make space for experiencing our own sensuality, satisfaction, intimacy and relationships. More details about Aphrodite Program >>

Moreover, we are starting our day with asana, pranayama and meditations as ways to consciously relate to our internal being. For six days, we are going to learn Kundalini Yoga system of practices that we can later on use in our everyday life. In the evening, we are going to use sensual dance and movement in order to connect to our desires and subdued passions and to feel, awaken and accept our body and our femininity.

A six-day workshop gives limitless possibilities to experience your own being in a new way as well as a perfect set of knowledge, skills and practices that you need to step towards new, empowered female identity, that brings more satisfaction with life and more successful relationship to men.

There is a lot of time, in between the workshop sessions, for going to the beach, relaxation, massage and meeting new friends. We are going to organize a group boat trip, a visit of Perast and Kotor and a few nights out.

Program managers:

Dr Izabela Huber (www.izabelahuber.com  FB page: Neurocoaching and therapy) is a clinical psychologist, life coach and dance therapist. Her attitude „Coaching by Consciousness“ is based on an integration of already tested methods of personal development from different traditions (psychotherapy, meditation, energy work) and new achievements in the field of neuroscience.

Una Senić (www.poledancefitness.rs) is a journalist and a TV presenter. She is famous for being a presenter of TV shows such as „X factor“ and „I’ve got talent “. She is currently working as a radio presenter of the morning show on Play radio. She is a certificated Kundalini yoga teacher (Kundalini Research Institute) and a Pole Dance Fitness (S-Pole) instructor.

The accommodation is half board in double rooms. Use this unique chance to have a truly unique holiday, with promo prices, both for the luxurious accommodation and for the rich program of the retreat itself! The price is 460 euros, and even more, if you apply before the tenth of April, the price for you is just 400 euros! The price includes the half board basis accommodation as well as the whole retreat program, but it does not include transport fees and the excursions.

Information and application: [email protected] (mobile phone number: +381637401586), [email protected] (mobile phone number: +381652360335) and [email protected] (mobile phone number: +381642663830)