First day (24.05.)

Arrival to Villa and accommodation in rooms; free time (walking, swimming, sunbathing etc.) until 5.30pm

6.00-7.00pm Dinner
7.00-8.30pm Introduction to Aphrodite energies
8.30pm Coctail party on swimming pool

From 2nd till 6th day (25.05.-29.05.)

8.30-9.30am Kundalini Yoga
9.30-10.30am Breakfast
10.30-12.00pm Aphrodite workshop- morning part
12.00-17.00pm  Free time
17.00-18.00pm Dinner
18.00-19.30pm  Aphrodite workshop – afternoon part
19.30-20.30pm  Sensual dance
Free time, going out, parties etc..

The last day (30.05.)

Breakfast and check-out


Day one  24.5.  An introduction to Aphrodite energies

What can we learn about sensuality and love from the mythological stories of Aphrodite and what activation of this female archetype can open in us? Aphrodite energies bring the element of play, curiosity, flow, enjoyment and vibrant presence into every aspect of life (not to mention the anti-age effect!). How to awaken this archetype and connect to it, each one of us in her own, unique way?

Day two 25.5.    Energy cleansing and „renewal of virginity“

What stands in the way of our sexual empowerment and liberation of our capacity for love and pleasure? A series of painful experiences from the past, such as unpleasant sexual experiences, or, on the contrary, good ones, but with a bad outcome of the relationship, such as abandonment, abuse, conflicts, infidelities, jealousy and disappointment. In addition, there are judgments and negative evaluations we still carry in our bodies,  that are coming from the family, or transgenerational and collective layers of the psyche, even when we are done with a number of prejudices at a rational level? Almost every woman needs sexual healing to be able to develop her full sensual nature. Only then do we release the wisdom of the body and open up to truly understand what passion, love and pleasure mean to us.

Day three 26.5. Living your own truth

The precondition for successful love relationships is having an intimate, love relationship with oneself. How much love do we truly have for ourselves, the person we spend 24h a day with? How should we love ourselves unconditionally, both those parts of us that are easy to love and others that we would rather not see? How to find our unique love and sexual voice and self-confidence? Do I profoundly know my sexual desires and needs, how to fully accept and love my body, how intimately do I know my sexual anatomy, what fears lie behind suppressing or forgetting my own sexuality? In what relationship are sexual desire and love for me? Sexuality and spirituality?

Day four 27.5. Awakening and cultivating female sexual energy

Cultivating and nurturing of sexual energy is important to women throughout her entire life, even beyond any relationship with men; sexuality is closely connected to creativity, life joy and satisfaction, but also with health and hormonal balance. The Taoist (Chinese) and Tantric (Indian) traditions of cultivation of sexual energy are far more advanced than everything that was known in the West and approach this healing flow of life energy without any prejudice.

In addition, we will deal with a series of questions – how to awaken „inner lover“, how (and why) we should feel vibrant and erotic even when we have no partner (an inspiration), how to relate the sexual and the spiritual in our own being, how our sexuality changes due to hormonal changes (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause) and many other topics related to female sexuality.

Day five 28.5.  Women and men

How does emotional bonding occur in women, and how in men? What does sex mean to women and what to men? Which and how important role does sexual chemistry play in a relationship? Why do men sometimes disappear from a relationship? Have you been more a woman who turns frogs into princes or a woman who turns princes into frogs – what’s the difference? What kind of love and sex language do you and your partner speak? How to attract the right partner into your life? What is the future of love relationships in the 21st century and many more issues…

A great deal of misunderstanding in love life arises from the differences between male and female approach to sexuality and love. Understanding these differences can facilitate navigation in relationships with the opposite sex and reduce unnecessary female suffering with men.

Day six 29.5. A step into depth and a ritual of empowerment

The last day will be open to topics that need deepening and further exploration and for all the questions and dilemmas you may possibly have. In the end, we are going to integrate and empower everything we have learned, discovered and experienced during the retreat with the group ritual. Since we are approaching the next new moon (on the 3rd of June), which is considered a good moment for new beginnings, we will learn how to perform new moon ritual and how to use moon’s phases for manifesting desires in a female way.

Kundalini yoga that we are going to practice in the morning, in order to fill up with energy and open for the work that awaits us during the day, belongs to the royal Raja yoga. It is the yoga of consciousness and is considered the mother of all yoga. By exercising, we raise our primary, evolutionary, creative energy to a higher level; it rises from the root to the crown chakra, passing through the main energy centers, until it connects through the crown chakra to the divine energy of infinity. In this way, we transform our strongest sexual energy into other forms of energy and creativity. Techniques that we use are physical postures (asana) in combination with conscious breathing, sound vibrations, mantras and meditation. Each class is different, exciting, powerful, and most importantly, intended for everyone. The benefits of KY enable us to transform ourselves into our best version.

Sensual dance that we are going to practice in the evening enables us to discover our female superpowers. We do not need any previous knowledge in order to do it. Feel how music flows in your body and creates magic, as if the white canvas is turning into a real piece of art. Melt with the music you hear and translate it into the language of your body. In a group, magic happens spontaneously, with a feeling that we are doing absolutely nothing, more like remembering of something once forgotten that learning of something new.